Thursday, March 22, 2007

27. Tap, step one-two-three

While we're in London in 1979, here's another one.

I cannot sing and I cannot dance. It is a fact, confirmed by both my college "kiddie music" professor and my former aerobics instructors. Oh, and the general public.

That doesn't necessarily stop me from doing either, or both, but the results are rather disastrous.

Tim didn't believe I couldn't dance, and since it was still the the days of disco he decided to teach me the Latin Hustle. It was at a Bring Your Own Baby party at Southlands College in London. (The college was Methodist and didn't allow alcohol - so we brought our own, but could not advertise it as such. So the posters said Baby instead of Booze. I sure bet we fooled the authorities!)

I only have vague visions of that night - maybe I had too much baby or maybe it was just too long ago. I do remember Tim showing me the steps - and saying Tap Step one-two-three a lot. I tap stepped one-two-threed a lot and he claimed I did well. I also remember being exhausted.

In later years, with different dance partners I tried to tap step one-two-three, but the results were much different - usually involving laughing and hurt feelings.

Never mind - I didn't much like disco anyway.

This video isn't Tim, (I don't' think it is Tim, cannot see his face) but it's someone Doing the Hustle. And there seems a lot more numbers (and fruit, imitation dairy products and animals) involved than I remember.


Otter said...

We used to joke that we could see our micro teacher last quarter doing this Hustle... thank you for this.

Indigo Bunting said...

This is hilarious. I love headless guy.